Pencils in Community – A New Series

One of the things that I have loved the most about this new world of pencils I have found myself in is the community. You heard it right, I’m not the only person with the strange obsession with pencils. Thanks to the internet, and specifically Facebook and the Erasable Podcast, I am part of a community of people with similar interest. While our tastes and preferences may be different, our passion for high quality writing instruments is the same.

This blog was originally intended to be my continued story of discovering the pencil world – how I got here, new pencils I am discovering, etc. However, I am learning these things not as “an island”, but within community. I wanted to feature the stories of the people that I am learning from – how they found and fell in love with high quality pencils, what their current and go-to favorites are, as well as some of the reactions they have received upon others discovering their very niche interest.

I am excited to start this series, and already have lined up some very cool interviews, so look for those in the coming weeks.

If you would like to have your story of discovering high quality pencils, send an email to

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