Pencils in Community – Paula Binsol

This is the second in a series of posts called “Pencils in Community”, where I share the stories of other people in the pencil world alongside me. Today’s guest is Paula Binsol. I met Paula through the Erasable Podcast Facebook page. Here’s her story!


I’m a nurse turned medical student, an introvert with the talent to transform into an extrovert as needed and a lover of good books, lazy Sundays and leftover pizza.

What made you fall in love with pencils?

Funny story, I entered the pencil world pretty much by accident. I have this friend who is essentially the only person I know who writes exclusively with pencil and she’s been like this ever since we’ve met. For her birthday, I wanted to get her something really special and I started Googling “best pencil in the world” or “best wooden pencils” and found the Blackwing 602. Bought them for her as a gift. Found one myself when I was at the bookstore and the rest is history. I really liked the vintage feel of writing with pencil. It’s so organic. It just feels very…grounding.

What is your current favorite pencil?

My current favorite pencil is the Blackwing 602, though I’ve found myself reaching for the Pearl once in a while. I love it because it’s SO unbelievably smooth and erases well!

What is your go-to pencil?

My go-to pencil would have to be my Kuru Toga 0.5 because I travel so much for school and don’t have a way to carry a pencil sharpener and my wood-cased pencils with me. I love the lead in it as well!

What do you say to people who don’t know about this whole world of pencils that are curious about it?

I tell them they’re missing out on half their life! And that while they may find it odd or nerdy, there’s actually something extraordinarily therapeutic about hearing the scratching of pencil on paper.

Strangest reaction you’ve had to you being a “pencil person”

Blank stare haha


If you would like to have your story of how you discovered the pencil world featured here, send me an email at

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