The First and Last Organizational Tool I Own

I am habitually forgetful. There have been multiple examples of this in the last week – I am asked to do something, I forget within 20 minutes; I have an assignment for school due, I forget to do it until the night before. Organization is not a natural ability of mine. I also have not done much to remedy this problem. I just continued to do the same thing, and hoped for the best.

However, a few weeks ago I received an email from Mike, the creator of Original Content Books. He has created an extremely helpful tool, that is the first organizational tool I have ever had, and the last I will ever need, because it is amazing.The tool itself is a folio that brings together both analog and digital tools for maximum organization. I received two of these folios, one in black and one in grey. I believe the black one is the wide edition, and the grey is the thin edition.


Along with the folio is the notebook which is what I have been looking for, but did not know it. I received the notebook in a dot grid paper, where the left page of each notebook is the dot grid, and the right page is a lined page.


I have recently discovered Bullet Journaling, and I have found this notebook to be perfect for that! The paper is great! It is nice and thick, so that there is no “ghosting” of the writing from the previous page. I also really like that each page is numbered at the bottom corner. This is helpful for use with the index pages that are in the front of the notebook.

On the other side of the folio from where the notebook goes in, are some hooks that are attached with elastic bands. It can hold a blank pad (as shown on the left) and even an iPad mini (as shown on the right). This is perfect for quick note taking with the pad, or for integrating your digital tools with your analog ones. When using an iPad mini in it, we noticed that the hooks in the thin folio cover a section of the iPad screen, not enough to hinder the use, but it does cover a section of some of the keys for the keyboard in the bottom corner. This is not a huge deal, especially if you are not typing on the iPad, but is something that we noticed upon using it.


Also, there are two loops in the inner spine of the folio, that hold your writing tools very well. It holds an unsharpened Blackwing perfectly fine, which means that you won’t have to worry about any of your writing tools sticking out of the bottom or top of this.

A final feature that we love about this folio, is that on the front of the folio, there is a sleeve to hold individual pieces of paper for quick note taking (you can see this in the first picture above). This is a great feature for if you need to jot something down really quickly, but don’t have the ability to open up the entire folio.

The notebook side of the folio will hold any standard A5 sized notebook (5.8×8.3in). That means you can use a Large Moleskine, or any other notebook that size with it. However, I highly recommend the notebooks that have been created for use with this folio. They are affordable, and as I wrote above, they are great quality notebooks.

I love my Original Content Folio. I use it everyday now, and find that my ability to remember and do tasks in a timely fashion has increased just because I now have a quality tool to use. If you are looking for a great tool to help you become more organized and productive, I cannot recommend Original Content Book more highly. Go check them out and get one for yourself!


*I was sent these folios and notebooks at no charge for review purposes*

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