We’re back…. again!

At the end of last semester, I took a short break from the blog. After a few weeks of that, I came back and completed…one post, disappointing, I know. So, it turns out I took an unintentional summer break from the blog. However, you can now rest assured that the same great content you came to expect from us here at A New Kind of Pencil will return! Here is what you can expect in the coming months:

  • The best pencils for back to school
  • Goth Pencils (My favorite black pencils)
  • The best (and worst) yellow pencils
  • Pencils and Memento Mori (I’m gonna get philosophical on y’all)
  • Individual pencil reviews so that you can make better decisions in your pencil buying
  • A review of Caroline Weaver’s “The Pencil Perfect”
  • A new post on the best pencils for note-taking (I’ve found some really great ones, and some of they may surprise you)

This is what I have planned for the coming months. Look for the first post August 6! I’m very excited to get back into the swing of things here. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at newkindofpencil@gmail.com!


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