All Black Everything – My Favorite All Black Pencils

My usual taste in movies is usually a film that causes the viewer to think. One that has artistic direction, great dialogue and character development. Those obscure movies that are nominated to Best Picture every year? Yeah, I normally like those. Normally, a film that is filled with pointless action is not my cup of joe. However, some people who’s opinion on movies I respect recommended John Wick. This is not a review of those movies, but I can say this – I FREAKING LOVED THEM! I won’t go into what the plot of the film is, but the main character played by Keanu Reeves wears all black basically the entire time throughout the two films. This set me on a kick of all black. It even effected the way that I dressed on my anniversary trip.

My beautiful wife and I on our anniversary trip in our all black.

This new sensation even led me to using all black pencils! Here are some of my favorites. I won’t get into actual reviews of these pencils, that sort of thing is getting it’s own segment now, be looking for that.


Dixon Ticonderoga Black – Simple, classic and cheap.

CWPE Black Wood – Absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to write with. One of my favorite pencils in my kit.

Palomino Blackwing 24 – These were a limited edition pencil made in tribute to John Steinbeck, and one of the first pencils that I fell in love with. You can only get them on eBay now, and they run for about $115 a box. Yikes. I only have a few left of them, and I hate to see them go.

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