CWPE Black Wood – Review

As with most items that we purchase, there are certain brands that are recognized and favored by many for their quality, durability, appeal, and many other reasons. This is true in pencils as well. Besides Palomino, and the ever increasing favor of Baron Fig, one of my favorite pencil companies is Caran d’Ache. They are a Swiss company that makes pens, pencils, school supplies, and other higher end, luxury items.

I was first introduced to them with their Swiss Wood pencil (which will be reviewed very soon). I fell in love with this particular pencil, and it is one that I always have a few on hand.

Additionally, as you can tell by most of the links to the pencils I talk about, I love CW Pencil Enterprises. Caroline Weaver has created a great place to get pencils from all over the world at a fair price, with great customer service and a personal touch to each order. So, when I heard that CW Pencils and Caran d’ache had come together to create a pencil together, I was incredibly excited.


This pencil is a HB/#2 pencil, and according to the product description, it runs about one grade soft. There is a slight softness difference, but not enough to sacrifice point retention. It writes incredibly smooth, like most Caran d’Ache products I have used, but the point lasts an incredibly long time. I have used this pencil for my note-taking in class this previous week, and it lasted pretty constant use when writing during an hour and fifteen minute lecture. I always keep a “back-up” pencil with me, just in case, but when using this one I never had to resort to that one.

This pencil is also slightly larger in diameter than your standard pencil. I like the larger barrel of the pencil; it makes the pencil feel more substantial and sturdy. Although it is slightly larger, this did not cause any problem when it comes to sharpening. I used it in both my Classroom Friendly sharpener, and my brass bullet sharpener, and had no problems with it.



In the image, you can see the beautiful, dark lines that this pencil creates. It is around the same darkness as the General’s Semi-Hex. The one grade softer lead in this pencil shows in the smudge test, it does smudge a little, but not very much. When it comes to erasability, you can see in the box where the test was written, that this pencil erases very well! Since this pencil doesn’t have an eraser on the end, I used another Caran d’Ache product, the Technik eraser, and it did the trick very well!

This pencil was a delight to write with for extended periods of time, and the longer I use it, the more that I enjoy it. You can get one for yourself here!

If there are any particular pencils that you want to see reviewed, let me know by emailing, or by getting in touch on Twitter at @newkindofpencil and on Facebook!

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