Apsara Absolute – Review

One of the things that I love most about pencils is that even the most expensive ones that I have found are still relatively cheap compared to other writing instruments (yeah, I’m looking at you fountain pens). Just before I wrote this post, I ordered 15 pencils from CW Pencils for $10 before shipping. Two of those ten were these pencils, the Apsara Absolute, one of my favorite pencils, which ring up at 50 cents a piece!


This is a pencil made in India that has a beautiful, clean design with a beautiful grey barrel and a blue end. Since it isn’t an American pencil it doesn’t have a ferrule and eraser on the end which helps with the extremely light weight.

It is branded as being “Extra Strong, Extra Dark”, which is actually a very good slogan. This pencil is ungraded, meaning it doesn’t say if it is a HB/#2, etc. This pencil has the hardness of something much harder than a HB/#2 pencil (hence the extra strong), but writes with the darkness of a 2B (hence the extra dark). How they achieved this balance, I am not sure, but it results in a wonderful experience. I tend to prefer pencils that are softer, but I really enjoy writing with this pencil. Even though the graphite is harder than an HB, it is very smooth and not scratchy at all.

I used this pencil for a week as my note-taking pencil for class, and found that it held up to the task very well, especially my lecture class that is over an hour long. I was able to take a good amount of notes in class without having to worry about the point wearing out.



This pencil performed very well. Not much smudging, and a pretty good amount of erasability. This is a pencil that I very highly recommend, and the price point is an added plus! You can get them individually here. In the product description you can find a great advertisement, which I will also embed below!

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