Blackwing Volumes 1 – Review

I have written about the Blackwing Volumes before, and here I am talking about them again! I am not a subscriber to them, so I do not get them as early as some of the other people who have had their reviews up for almost a week. I wait until I see what the edition is, and then decide if I want to order one. When Blackwing posted the teaser photo saying that it was Volume 1, I got really excited. I mean, 1 is a very significant number, seeing as it is the first one.

I saw some of the early reviews of it, and heard that this volume is a tribute to musician Guy Clark. I personally had never heard of him before this Blackwing Volume, but it didn’t really bother me, because I haven’t heard of a lot of people that previous Blackwing Volumes have been tributes to, besides Steinbeck. What really impressed me was the design on this pencil.

It is the first Blackwing to have a round barrel, instead of a traditional hex. That alone was enough to get me to want to order them. Once I received it in the mail though, that is when I began to see the small details that make this pencil great.


This edition uses the “balanced core” that is used in the Blackwing Pearl, which is my favorite of the standard run Blackwings, so I was very excited about that. I will be doing a review of the Blackwing Pearl soon, so be looking for that review for a review of the graphite core and the way it writes.

It has what they are calling a “matte grey washcoat finish”. I’m not fully sure what that means, but it looks great. The thing that I love about it is that it is coated very thinly, so you can still see the woodgrain underneath it, but this coating doesn’t feel cheap.IMG_6584

It also has what they are calling a “blue collar” eraser, which is a new thing for this edition as well.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to the Blackwing Volumes line. It has a great aesthetic appeal, which is what Blackwing always seems to be going for, and it writes great! If you get a chance, head over to their website, read up about this one, and treat yourself to a dozen of them!

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