What I have been using lately

It has been almost a year (!!) since I have last posted on here. Even though I stopped writing, the wonderful world of pencils and analog tools continues to move. Since my last time on here, there have been a pencil, a pen, and pocket notebook accessory that I have been using that I am really enjoying.


Blackwing Vol. 10001 – The Blackwing is my favorite pencil and I have really liked all of the Blackwing Volumes that I have been able to get my hands on. The 10001 is no exception. This is a five sided, rather than six sided pencil, with a beautiful “Red stained finish” as the box describes it. It contains the Firm core (the same as the Blackwing 602) and just looks beautiful. The Blackwing volumes normally don’t last long, so get your hands on these ASAP if you want them!


Baron Fig Squire – “A pen?! You’ve been using a pen?!”. Yeah, I know this is A New Kind of Pencil, but I received this pen for Christmas and it is one of my favorite writing utensils. The Baron Fig guys always knock it out of the park when it comes to product design, and the Squire is no exception. This is a super sleek pen, with a rollerball ink cartridge, meaning that it writes very smoothly. They sell it in 5 different colors, as well as a stainless steel option, so you can fit your pen to your personality.


Baron Fig Guardian Vanguard Leather Case – The Baron Fig Vanguard pocket sized notebook is a great notebook. As with all of the other Baron Fig notebooks, the paper is great. However, a problem with pocket notebooks is that they go in your pocket, leaving them to be crushed, bent, and mangled in all sorts of ways. *triumphant trumpet noise* In comes to Guardian case for the Vanguard pocket notebook! This leather case holds your pocket notebook, but also has card pockets, making this notebook case a worthy substitute for carrying a wallet.

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