“I have found a new kind of pencil – the best I have ever had!” – John Steinbeck

In a world that is constantly speeding up, and things are more and more temporary. Where we move on to the “next big thing” each week, it is good to slow down and remember the tools that have been used by people for many years. Whether they are creatives, draftsmen, carpenters, astronauts, or the average mom, pencils have been staple of peoples daily work. However, we don’t have to settle for the cheap, store brand pencils where you can get a dozen for $1. There are high quality pencils that can make your daily work more enjoyable, which is what I will be writing about.

In the Spring of 2016, I discovered a whole world of high quality pencils, and the massive community that loves them. On this site, I want to document my journey into the world of pencils, as well as talk about some other things that I love (baseball, music, books, and movies).

About Justin

I am the husband to an amazing wife. A student, a musician, and a lover of all things that are old. Whether that be old movies, music, or books, I prefer things that have stood the test of time, rather than the “new thing”.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @thejustincarey, or the blog Twitter and Instragram @newkindofpencil, and the Facebook page, A New Kind of Pencil.